Casper Children's Chorale

Casper's Ambassadors of Song


How much does it cost to sing with Chorale?
Tuition is $35 a month for 9 months, or $150 per semester and $300 per school year, and scholarship help is available.  Children’s Chorale does travel, and these fees can be earned through fundraisers provided each year.

Fees for Bel Canto are $70 per semester, but currently no scholarships are available.

How can I schedule an audition?
Either attend the Mother’s Day Concert and sign up there, or go to https://signup.com/go/rTGNgtb  or text 307-262-3228.

All screenings are scheduled by appointment for May 17-30 at St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, 701 S. Wolcott.  Enter through the red door from the parking lot.

How can I find out about Chorale policies?
The HANDBOOK is very comprehensive, or ask experienced Chorale parents or staff members.  Once your child is in Chorale, there are weekly e-mail/website updates.  Print them and save them in a Chorale folder so you can refer to them throughout the year.

Are all Tuesday and Thursday rehearsals required?
The short answer is NO, but they do all COUNT exactly the same.  Singers are generally responsible for four rehearsals per month, and there is a “required” number of rehearsals a singer must have in order to perform at the next concert or tour (listed in Handbook)  You never need to write an excuse regarding an absence UNLESS it regards a performance (PLEASE communicate about performances early!).  To check on your child’s attendance record, please check with the section leaders before or after rehearsal. Rehearsals are “closed” to observation.  If a relative is visiting from out of town and cannot be at a concert, just contact Mrs. Patton and she will probably invite them to observe a rehearsal.

Bel Canto rehearsals are once a week, Tuesdays, 4:15-5:15 p.m.

This and other important questions concerning attendance are found in the HANDBOOK.

What are payment policies?
All money transactions are done by personal member check or money order, in an envelope with the child’s name and the function of the payment clearly indicated.  No cash is accepted.  Individual fundraisers are always the choice of the singer, as profits go to their own chorale account.  However, the only payment that can be turned in for a fundraiser is ONE individual member check.  Our treasurer is a parent volunteer, and multiple outside checks are too time-consuming, especially when they involve non-sufficient fund charges and notifications.

What if my family cannot afford Chorale?
In order to keep the Chorale available to everyone, we try to offer special needs scholarships for dues.  Complete and submit the scholarship application found in the Handbook; applications are considered and monies are awarded the second week in October and the second week in January.  We always welcome sponsors so we can award more scholarships!

What is standard concert attire?
Chorale polo shirts, black socks, black shoes as per Handbook description, and black pleated men’s style polyester dress slacks.  No colored hair ornaments, shiny belt buckles, or jewelry; limited make-up; hair either short enough to see eyebrows or pulled back off the face.  Audience members are asked to refrain from flash photography or videotaping (CD’s and DVD’s are generally made available for purchase).  Anyone is welcome to attend our concerts if they are able to sit quietly during performances so that everyone can enjoy the music.  Please do NOT take it upon yourself to post performances to YouTube.

Can I chaperone the trips?
There is actually an application to become a trip chaperone.  Care and consideration is taken in choosing chaperones, including demographic needs of the participating singers.  No one is guaranteed a chaperone designation, but we try our best to insure that children are safe and happy.  We travel with one adult per three singers, or an adult in each room.

How can I be involved as a parent?
Volunteers are ALWAYS welcome, but are channeled through each of the officers in charge of separate activities.  There is a parent meeting after the first rehearsal in September, and parents are encouraged to sign up for their areas of interest.  Additional requests should go through the Director or the President of the Board.

Membership in the Children’s Chorale is a commitment for the parents as well as the singers.  This organization has been successful since 1979 because of its clear expectations and positive results.